Innotec DeBlock Ice – Freeze Spray – Rust Remover – 500ml

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Deblock Ice is a powerful MoS2-based rust remover which, thanks to the perfect combination of an exceptional shock-freeze effect and a strong capillary action, makes it easy to loosen rusted parts in no time and thus facilitates disassembly.

Deblock Ice is a MoS2-based penetrating oil with cracking effect created by extreme cooling. Due to the quick evaporation of the propellant, the surface locally cools down to -45°C. As a result, metals will shrink and microscopic cracks will appear in the rust layer, thus allowing the oil to better penetrate.

Thanks to the addition of MoS2 (molybdenum disulfide) Deblock Ice also has very good lubricating properties. The finely dispersed MoS2 particles (of approx. 1µ) have a hexagonal layered structure in which the layers can easily slide over each over. This allows for better lubrication and prevents damage during disassembly.

Because many mounting points are difficult to access or located underneath an object, the aerosol packaging is specially designed to operate in any position. These points are easy to reach thanks to the special anti-shock nozzle and small tube.

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