BT Youview+ Box DTR-T2100 500GB HD TV Smart Recorder – Grade B

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BT Youview+ Box DTR-T2110 500GB HD TV Smart Recorder – Grade B
Grade B – Good Condition Minor Surface Scratches. Includes all accessories.
Fully inspected, formatted, factory reset and cleaned.
In the box:
YouView Set Top Box
Power Supply
Unique BT Remote control and batteries
HDMI cable – connects YouView box to TV
Ethernet cable – connects YouView box to the internet
Product Details:

Enjoy your favourite shows without subscriptions with the BT YouView+ HD Recorder. No matter which broadband provider you have, you can enjoy all of the latest TV without needing to pay monthly fees.

All your favourite content

You won’t miss any of your favourite shows with the YouView+ HD Recorder in your living room. It offers access to catch-up TV services including BBC iPlayer and All 4, as well as the Now TV service to provide you with even more viewing options.

Connect your recorder to the internet using the Ethernet connection (minimum 3 Mbps internet connection speed required) and you’re ready to start watching your favourite shows without needing to pay subscription fees.

With all the major catch-up TV players, you can enjoy your favourite programmes no matter which channel they’re on, whilst the handy search option makes it easy to hunt down something to watch.

Fantastic features

The handy seven-day programme guide lets you scroll both backward and forward to find the TV you want to watch with ease.

You can pause and rewind live TV, and there’s also a handy series link that makes it easy to keep track of every episode, so you won’t miss a moment.

TV when you want it

The 500 GB hard drive integrated into the YouView+ HD Recorder lets you record up to 150 hours of high definition TV to watch back whenever you like. Simply select the programme you want to record, and it will be saved onto the hard drive.

You can even set your box recording using your iPhone or Android, perfect when you’ve forgotten to set your recorder to record a must-see show.

Don’t miss a thing – record your favourite TV on the BT YouView+ HD Recorder.


What does BT’s Youview box give you?

Watch the TV you want when you want. Access all the key catch up TV players, including BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and 4OD. No subscription needed and no satellite dish required.

Everyone loves great TV, it’s frustrating when you miss a great show – and it’s never quite the same on a computer. Wouldn’t it be good if you could combine the simplicity and value of Freeview with the choice and convenience of catch-up and on-demand services – all on your own TV?

Scroll back up to 7 days

Are you out and about at the time your favourite TV show is on? No problem, with the BT Youview box our unique programme guide goes back in time, so you can watch shows from last night or last week. Not only can you scroll back 7 days and watch the TV you may have missed, you can also scroll forward so you see what will be on. All on your TV – where you want to see it.


Watch catch up TV where it should be – on your TV!

Frustrated watching catch up TV on your small laptop screen? With Youview you get great catch up TV with BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4 On Demand, Demand 5, and Milkshake all on your TV screen. Your programmes can also be enjoyed in HD TV: with brighter, sharper pictures and sound including BBC One HD, ITV1 HD, Channel 4 HD, and BBC HD all available. There are over 70 TV channels to choose from with Red button services included. You can also carry on watching TV while choosing what you want to watch later.

Pause live TV

Phone ringing? Missed a bit? You can pause and rewind live TV and pick up where you left off or simply rewind to watch again. Make sure you never miss the match winning goal or the important scene in your favourite soap.


Record on the go from your phone

Forgotten to set up a recording for your favourite show? With the YouView smartphone App you can now set your box to record remotely on your iPhone.

Record your favourite shows

You really can record whatever TV you want – with the space for up to 300 hours’ worth of TV on your YouView box. Whether it’s a one-off recording or you’re using the series recording function you don’t have to worry about having enough space. You can record one channel while watching another; or record 2 live TV channels while watching a recording or an on demand programme. You can also pause, rewind and fast forward all your recordings. They are easy to organise – you can sort your recordings by title or date.

Find TV you want with our Intelligent search

To make sure that you only watch the TV you really want to watch, with YouView you can use an Intelligent Search across all live TV, catch up services and on demand that allows you to search by programme type or key words. This means you’ll always find something for you whatever time of the day or night.
Designed so that everyone can enjoy it

We have designed an ergonomic remote control for ease of use. There is also an easy shortcut button to get subtitles on live TV and recordings. For the visually impaired we have an easy shortcut button that starts and stops audio description.

Worried about what they’re watching?

We know that everyone wants to protect their kids and with the YouView box you can put in place PIN protection for programmes with age ratings of 15, 16, and 18. This feature applies to live TV or scrolled back programmes.

Get access to the biggest on demand library with a subscription to BT Vision

BT Vision has over 5,500 shows available including the best UK and US TV shows, blockbuster (pay per view) and classic films, kid’s shows with no ads, and more. Only YouView from BT gives you the latest blockbuster films in stunning HD as well as access to a huge library of music videos – you can even create your own music video playlists.

Other technical information

  •     HDMI and SCART connectors.
  •     The box is Surround sound compatible.
  •     There are physical control buttons.
  •     It enables connections for home audio system (SPDIF and RCA)

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Storage Capacity

500 GB




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